I know that when adults go to get genome sequencing, the doctors are able to tell them about diseases from their family’s past and if they are likely to get them by looking at their DNA.
But is giving birth to a premature baby considered a disease that can get passed down?



this may seem as an odd question…but would you rather pay 0k for a spaceflight or 00 for DNA sequencing of your genome? 10x.

Additional Details
Additional details: genome sequencing is used to predict some diseases or determine your heredity.


The Neanderthal genome sequencing done by geneticists and published last month revealed that the two groups interbred to a limited degree. This would seem to help account for the differences in skin color, eye color and hair texture between the different human races.


That is a retarded supposition. Neanderthals and modern humans only interacted in western Europe. Races as we know them were shaped by long term geographic influence. Anyone who has taken Anthro-101 could tell you that.

For instance: The people of the Andes mountains are short and barrel chested– Because they live in high altitude their bodies are built to absorb low Oxygen.
Mid-easterners are dark skinned– People who live in warm areas with lots of light need to reflect more of the sun to stay cool

What is the probability that you would find the sequence: acgcagtcgctgcatttatt in another part of a bacterial genome? The sequence is complementary to the last 20 bases in a single strand of copR gene.

Thanks in advance.


You did not provide enough information to do the calculation … how many base pairs are there in the bacterial genome?

The probability of getting the exact 20-nucleotide sequence specified, by chance linking together of nucleotides from a pool containing an ‘infinite’ number of each of the 4 nucleotides, with the pool being thoroughly mixed,and given only a single shot, is 1 in 4^20 or about 1 in a trillion.

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There are some workplaces that could be leased that are fully equipped. These are excellent for somebody that merely intends to move in as well as get to work. It is also great for businesses that are not financially geared up to manage the expense of a brand-new leasing and also office furnishings. There are workplace that have secluded meeting room. You could have an office located in Tower Fifteen or the AXA Tower. The Suntec Tower and also Albert Complex likewise has space readily available as well as arranging you. It simply depends upon exactly what you are searching for.

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For getting to high up or over various other stuff to get to products that may be on the back of a shelf, you could also think about a variable reach forklift. Some of the bigger ones could reach up to 56′. This kind will certainly have stabilizers on the ground to maintain the forklift steady and also they typically have a single joystick to manage their motions. A great deal of them could additionally turn in little locations to ensure that you do not have to worry about the room you have readily available in your storehouse.

A forklift makes the job of moving heavy products much easier. It will certainly allow you to pile supplies onto racks without risking your employee’s security. It will certainly make moving products much faster too because of the fact that you could use pallets to relocate a lot of things at once. For instance, if you have numerous boxes of inventory that you have to put up into a rack, you will certainly have the ability to place all those boxes onto a solitary pallet and after that move it all onto the shelf with one simple action. That is why most huge companies take advantage of the choice to discover a forklift rental.

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However, acquiring a forklift is rather an investment for a growing business. The expanding business frequently favor to discover a forklift for leasing. Then they just rent the forklift for a percentage of money, get their stock in order, and return it up until it is required once more. The choice is your own as well as only you know which alternative is best for your storage facility.

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Web domains are those that are either expired however still produce a reasonable amount of traffic, or the ones that are being searched by web internet users, by just typing the web site address URL into their web browser. A variety of fairly successful websites that end for whatever reason always included a significant rate of traffic along with inbound links. This is exactly the reason online entrepreneurs and Web masters rush to buy ended web domains from others who manage the marketing of such domains.

After you purchase an ended web domain name, you can use it to redirect potential visitors to a few of your other websites. However, you should practice utmost care and caution when buying expired domain since there is no deficiency of uncertain operators in the market who would deceive you in the end. There are generally 2 kinds of rip-offs that go with purchases of expired web domain. Initially, suppliers could create targeted hits with your purchase however in reality, the real traffic is non-existent. Second, such traffic may originate from sources such as auto-surf sites that hijack your visitors without your knowledge.

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Constantly remember that buying web domain is only as important as you make them, if you will just load your site with scrap, the domain will lose it’s page ranking and its traffic level will drop considerably. If you are not educated about tackling business, then even if you buy the most costly name will end up being worthless. If you just understand what and how to do them correctly, there are a number of useful things that you can do with expired domains.

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